Hint: It’s behind the launch of Web 3.0

Image by Ashton Hawkins

Back in the early 90s, while working for one of the earliest internet companies, I remember enthusiastically encouraging business people to migrate onto the online world using DOS prompts and modems. My advice back then was that the internet would, one day, change the world of business with its valuable tools like email, Telnet and FTP, so they should become early adopters of this emergent technology to stay one step ahead. It was until a few months later that the first web browser Mosaic was announced by Marc Andreessen, marking the launch…

(and where we should begin)

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The debate on how to make our education system fit-for-purpose in the modern world has been ongoing between political parties, school systems, and educators for decades. While all agree that change is essential for children to be prepared for 21st century challenges, the dialogue usually stops there. It’s time to go back to the drawing board.

All construction projects require a blueprint before construction projects start. It’s unthinkable to build a skyscraper, automobile or even computer without detailed plans, models and prototypes to guide the entire process from start to finish. This blueprint phase is where the global dialogue on…

by Zara Hawkins using Procreate (iPad) 2020

Take a moment to think of what new skills and habits you have formed since this global pandemic first changed our lives irreversibly? Like so many other people in lockdown around the world, I picked up new tools for my skills set both out of necessity and because I had more time to learn. Skills such as how to cook with dried beans without poisoning my family, grow vegetables anywhere that light can reach, colour & style hair, edit films in iMovies and cook processed food-free meals. My children also picked up new life skills such as how to cook…

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

By Diahann Hughes Hawkins

Humans are different from AI in that we have the ability to process a range of emotions with input from previous life experiences to guide our actions as we physically impact the world around us. An educated human in its essence could be defined as an individual who possesses an intelligent ability to interpret information, and apply it to real world situations. …

(from a home-schooling parent)

Since the time I started my own home-schooling journey in April 2019, there were only a few million children electing to home educate worldwide. At the end of March 2020, estimates are that there are over 1 billion children being schooled at home due to the Covid-19 global pandemic. In that first year I went through a steep personal learning curve and had very little guidance, so it seems appropriate to share some of the insights gained with other parents who have been thrust into this same situation. …

Diahann Hughes Hawkins

Researcher, reformer and home educating mother with a passion for discovering the best solutions to 21st century learning. connectivelearning.net

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